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Navigating the Advocacy Landscape: EUMEPS and Expanded Polystyrene 

At a time when environmental sustainability is essential, EUMEPS actively engages with policymakers, industry stakeholders, and environmental groups to advocate for EPS as a material that combines efficiency with ecological responsibility. Through strategic advocacy, EUMEPS aims to highlight EPS’s role in the circular economy, its contributions to energy efficiency, and its potential for recycling and reuse. 

Combatting Microplastics Pollution 

6commitments of OCSEUMEPS recognises the urgency of this environmental issue and actively contributes to initiatives that aim to minimise the release of intentional and unintentional microplastics. A testament to our commitment is our participation in Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS), an international initiative aimed at preventing the loss of plastic granules, flakes, and powders during handling processes across the plastic value chain. By implementing OCS's guidelines, EUMEPS members demonstrate a tangible commitment to ecological stewardship.  


This fight represents an integral part of our dialogue with policymakers and environmental organisations. Through scientific research and data, we inform discussions on the European Union's regulatory framework, aiming to ensure that policies reflect a balanced understanding of EPS's environmental footprint and its recyclability. By advocating for measures that combine feasibility and efficiency, EUMEPS strives to shape regulations that support the circular economy while addressing pressing environmental issues such as microplastic pollution in a meaningful way. 


Advancing Plastic Treatment and Recycling 

Lea salihovic inc4 statementEUMEPS, as part of the Global EPS Sustainability Alliance (GESA), is an active participant in the discussions on the Plastic Treaty of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). We support an ambitious plan to eliminate plastic pollution through a practical agreement and the establishment of a scientific advisory board to address potentially problematic plastics. EUMEPS endorses chemical transparency, supported by data proving EPS’s safety

EUMEPS is also engaged in discussions on the Waste Framework Directive, advocating for policies that recognise and support the unique properties of EPS and its strategic role in a circular economy. We are working to ensure that legislative frameworks streamline the collection, sorting, and recycling of EPS waste to better align with broader environmental goals.


Leading With Purpose and Partnership 

In navigating the advocacy landscape, EUMEPS centres on a commitment to sustainability, innovation, and collaboration. Through concerted efforts to combat microplastic pollution, advance plastic treatment and recycling practices, and engagement with international environmental initiatives, we are not only advocating for EPS but for a more sustainable and resilient future.

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