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Launched in November 2023, "EPS, Teammate for a Greener Future" marks the second micro campaign by EUMEPS, underlining their comprehensive communications programme. This campaign highlights the key role of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) in attaining Europe’s Green Deal targets. The campaign aims to foster understanding and advocacy for EPS as a vital contributor to climate neutrality by 2050, focusing on its myriad applications and environmental benefits.



Objectives of the Micro Campaign

The campaign's primary objective is to highlight EPS as an essential ally in Europe's pursuit of its ambitious environmental goals. It seeks to:

1. Demonstrate EPS's versatility and effectiveness in insulation and packaging, critical in current environmental actions.
2. Emphasise EPS’s contribution to energy efficiency, emissions reduction, and overall citizen safety.
3. Advocate for EPS as an eco-efficient and affordable solution to accelerate Europe’s Green Deal initiatives.

Key Aspects of the Micro Campaign

Buildings consume 36% of Europe's total energy, and their emissions reduction is vital for the 2030 climate targets. EPS, with its tested insulation capabilities, presents an immediate, effective solution. Through enhanced building renovation and insulation, EPS aims to reduce energy demand, thus cutting emissions and preserving European lifestyles.

Amidst the energy crisis, EPS’s affordability and insulation efficiency stand crucial for low-income households in poorly insulated flats. This campaign asserts the significance of EPS in maintaining affordable heating transitions and maximizing resource efficiency in Europe.

Key Messages and Approaches

The campaign disseminates several key messages to engage stakeholders:

1. EPS as a straightforward solution to advance towards Green Deal objectives.
2. The necessity of EPS in reducing thermal demand to facilitate decarbonisation.
3. Highlighting the role of EPS in reducing the energy load and elevating the efficiency of heat pumps.

Further Insights

Thermal insulation with EPS cuts down not only on energy losses but also maintains the efficiency of heat pumps. EPS's longevity and consistent performance, coupled with its cost-effectiveness, are emphasized as eco-efficient choices for large-scale insulation projects, leading to significant CO2 emission reductions.

In packaging, EPS plays a pivotal role in reducing carbon footprints across the transportation sector, ensuring the safe delivery of a range of goods with minimal environmental impact. The campaign underscores EPS as a strategic material for Europe’s climate-neutral goals.

A Sustainable Future with EPS

EUMEPS’ micro campaign 'EPS, Teammate for a Greener Future' successfully casts Expanded Polystyrene in the limelight as a game-changer for Europe’s environmental targets. The campaign's blend of education, advocacy, and demonstration of EPS’s vast capabilities positions it as an indispensable material in our journey towards a sustainable and climate-neutral future. Its essential role in achieving the EU’s climate goals underlines the need for increased awareness and application of EPS in various sectors, ultimately driving Europe towards a more resilient and eco-conscious tomorrow.