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EUMEPS: The Voice of the EPS Industry

EUMEPS, the Association for European Manufacturers of Expanded Polystyrene, serves as the leading voice and advocate for the EPS industry across Europe. It embodies the collective interests of the entire EPS value chain, ranging from raw material suppliers and converters to recyclers, including both large companies and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Through its network of 23 national associations and an array of recycling initiatives, EUMEPS is committed to promoting the use of EPS as a sustainable and efficient choice for insulation and packaging solutions. This commitment is aligned with Europe’s overarching goal of achieving key environmental objectives, placing EPS at the forefront of efforts to foster a climate-neutral and resource-efficient tomorrow.

Moreover, EUMEPS has introduced two pivotal initiatives: Smart Packaging Europe and Smart Insulation Europe. These programmes illustrate the versatility of the EPS industry by focusing on its primary applications: sustainable packaging and efficient insulation. Each initiative demonstrates EUMEPS’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, underscoring the critical role of EPS in achieving Europe’s environmental objectives.

By championing the benefits of EPS, EUMEPS plays a crucial role in supporting the industry's growth and sustainability, ensuring that EPS remains a key material in building a more resilient and eco-friendly future.


Uniting the EPS Industry Since 1994

Since its foundation in 1994, EUMEPS has united the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) industry in Europe. Dedicated to promoting EPS as an irreplaceable and sustainable material for insulation and packaging, EUMEPS champions recycling, innovation, and sustainable practices.

EUMEPS focuses on collaboration among members, advocacy for supportive policies, and the industry's sustainable evolution. Through these efforts, EUMEPS ensures EPS remains the material of choice, aligned with the European Union’s goals for resource efficiency and climate neutrality.

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Our Members

Together with our members, we are dedicated to advancing the EPS sector, from raw material suppliers to innovative recyclers. Our industry is committed to sustainability and technological progress.

Each member brings unique expertise and value, reinforcing EUMEPS's position at the forefront of environmental and industry advancements. We encourage you to visit our members directory!


The team

EUMEPS is supported by a dedicated team of professionals committed to driving the association’s mission forward. This dynamic group works tirelessly to coordinate initiatives, facilitate member collaboration, and advocate for EPS industry advancements.