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Abstract of the Manifesto:

The Joint European Industry Manifesto articulates a comprehensive strategy to mitigate the risk of de-industrialisation in Europe by setting forth a clear plan to maximize the potential of the Single Market and to foster a regulatory framework that secures the global competitiveness of the EU industry. It underscores the critical importance of enhanced collaboration between the industrial sector and public authorities, pushing for a comprehensive approach to trade that not only addresses Europe's needs but also engages with global markets.

The manifesto elaborates on the necessity of maintaining the integrity and full functionality of the Single Market, advocating for its completion and robust enforcement to boost Europe's economic capabilities and to facilitate a smoother transition towards green and digital advancements. It emphasizes the importance of an interconnected strategy that reinforces value chain resilience, thereby safeguarding jobs and consumer interests, while promoting circular economies and technological innovations.

Additionally, the manifesto calls for bridging the innovation gap that currently exists between the EU and its global competitors. It suggests leveraging the Horizon Europe programme to enhance integration across business, research, and education sectors to foster a climate of innovation. To address the growing skills gap, it proposes strategic partnerships between the public and private sectors to enhance vocational training and lifelong learning opportunities, thereby ensuring the European workforce remains skilled and adaptable.

In conclusion, the manifesto urges EU and national leaders to adopt these strategic directives to ensure Europe's role as a competitive leader in the global market, fostering policies that are not only economically beneficial but also socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable, leaving no citizen behind in Europe's path towards a competitive future.