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Leading the Change in Sustainability: The Remarkable Impact of EPS

In a world that is increasingly conscious of environmental sustainability, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) emerges as an unavoidable solution for promoting resource efficiency and reducing carbon footprint. This versatile material expands our options in our collective efforts toward a greener future through innovative engineering and sustainable properties. Find below how EPS benefits the environment and our lives.

Innovative Reduction of EPS Production Impact

One of EUMEPS's core initiatives focuses on minimising the energy consumption and resources required in the production and recycling of EPS. An example of such an initiative is the PSloop plant, where EPS containing HBCD is recycled by reverting used EPS into new raw material, thereby reducing the need for virgin resources.

PSLoop 1 scaled

In effect, this lowers the carbon footprint associated with EPS production and disposal, aligning EPS with the European Green Deal ambition for climate neutrality as an invaluable solution.

Embracing Circularity: Our Contribution to a Sustainable Economy
We recognise the need to redefine Europe’s approach to the use of materials and resources, a vision that aligns with the tenets of the Green Deal. By embodying the three R’s of reuse, recycling and recovering, EPS stands as an example in circular practices. We thus aim to build on these principles to facilitate a closed-loop system that will serve to reduce environmental impact and promote a more sustainable model of production and consumption.

Recycling EPS

The journey towards circularity involves a continued effort to build innovation and relies on a concerted collaboration with partners across the entire value chain, from raw material suppliers to recyclers. Through the promotion of advanced recycling technologies, guidelines for recyclable product design and our involvement in ambitious recycling data-collection projects, EUMEPS places EPS as a key player in the sustainable materials landscape.

Leading the Way in EPS Sustainability

By embracing the 100% recyclability of EPS and advocating for responsible practices, we are not only addressing the environmental challenges of today but also paving the way for a more sustainable tomorrow. As we continue to advance our sustainability agenda, we remain focused on delivering solutions that benefit not only our industry but also the wider community and the planet.

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