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In September 2024, the European Manufacturers of Expanded Polystyrene (EUMEPS) embarked on a transformative 15-month campaign to redefine perceptions of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and its pivotal role in shaping a sustainable future. Designed to enlighten and engage a wide spectrum of audiences, from EU policymakers to everyday European citizens, the campaign leverages EPS's often underestimated potential as a key material in meeting the objectives of the Green Deal and the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. This initiative brilliantly showcases EPS's versatility and eco-friendliness in building, packaging, and insulation, underlining its vital contribution to a greener Europe.




Launch and Awareness Building

The inaugural phase of the campaign focused on fostering awareness and stimulating interest in EPS's multifaceted benefits. The launch of a dedicated website, bolstered by the engaging #EPSPerfectGreenFit slogan, marked a strategic move to illuminate EPS's crucial role in achieving climate targets, particularly in the building sector. A series of impactful videos and social media activations further enriched this phase, ensuring a broad reach and deep resonance with the audience. The initiative also highlighted the association's comprehensive resources and expertise available through the revamped EUMEPS website, solidifying its status as the leading authority on EPS.

Engagement and Industry Insights

As the campaign progressed into its second phase, EUMEPS deepened its engagement with the audience through the digital campaign “EPS, Teammate for a Greener Future”. This was augmented by personal testimonials from EUMEPS members and a new EUMEPS website, which was meticulously designed to position the organization at the forefront of EPS expertise. Informative fact sheets, infographics, and a series of dialogues with EPS industry leaders further solidified the message, emphasizing the material's value in a sustainable future.

Advisory Role and Outreach
The third phase of the campaign saw EUMEPS stepping up as an advisor, offering insights to EU regulators on integrating EPS within sustainable industries and aligning with the Green Deal. Regular newsletters, articles in specialized media, and collaborative studies with academic experts served as mediums to disseminate knowledge, shaping EUMEPS as a trusted guide in the journey towards sustainability.

Consolidation and Looking Forward
In its final phase, EUMEPS consolidated its efforts in a high-profile conference, bringing together experts, EU regulators, and industry specialists. The conference, a culmination of insights and discussions, was made accessible to the public, reinforcing EUMEPS's commitment to transparency and progress. By sharing key findings and future perspectives, EUMEPS set the stage for ongoing dialogue and action towards a sustainable future with EPS.

EPS – Steering Towards a Sustainable Horizon
Over 15 transformative months, EUMEPS has not only changed perceptions of EPS but has also reinforced its indispensable role in a greener, more efficient Europe. Through innovative engagement strategies and authoritative content, EUMEPS has successfully positioned EPS as a dynamic, eco-friendly solution, crucial for meeting our current environmental challenges. As the campaign closes, its legacy continues, inspiring actions and policies that embrace EPS for a sustainable and prosperous future.