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Launched in Poland in September 2023, the educational campaign #poznajstyropian aims to revolutionise the insulation industry by reshaping public perception and understanding of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). Supported by EUMEPS, this initiative stands out for its innovative approach and strategic vision. As it expands across Europe, we explore into the motivations, challenges, and strategies that underpin this groundbreaking project.


A Campaign with a Vision: Setting it Apart

The #poznajstyropian campaign uniquely positioned itself in the EPS insulation market. Tailored to individual investors, architects, developers, and contractors in Poland, it uses independent comparative research of insulating materials to inform and educate. This campaign goes beyond marketing, aiming to fundamentally alter the public understanding of EPS insulation. Through detailed energy efficiency tests and robust media campaigns, it champions the benefits of EPS insulation, emphasising energy and cost efficiency, durability, comfort and safety, and its positive impact on the environment. In alignment with the EU’s “FIT for 55” initiative, this campaign is more than a marketing strategy—it’s a movement towards setting new industry standards and rectifying widespread misconceptions.


Unifying Voices: Bridging the Communication Gap

The #poznajstyropian campaign seeks to harmonise industry narratives, ensuring clarity, accuracy, and accessibility in public communication. Using a variety of platforms including radio, magazines, and a dedicated website, the campaign caters to a wide range of interests and concerns. By presenting factual, relatable information, it aims to bridge the gap between industry experts and the general public, enhancing understanding and fostering informed decision-making.


Key Messages of the #poznajstyropian Campaign

The campaign also delivers several key messages to ensure clear, consistent, and impactful communication about the benefits of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation. These messages are strategically designed to resonate with individual investors, architects, developers, contractors, and the general public.

  1. Energy and Cost Efficiency: EPS insulation significantly improves energy efficiency in buildings, leading to reduced heating and cooling costs. This results in substantial long-term savings for property owners and contributes to energy conservation efforts.
  2. Durability: EPS is known for its long-lasting performance and resistance to moisture, decay, and pests. This durability ensures that buildings insulated with EPS maintain their thermal performance and structural integrity over time.
  3. Comfort and Safety: EPS insulation enhances indoor comfort by maintaining consistent temperatures and reducing noise pollution. Additionally, it is non-toxic and meets stringent fire safety standards, ensuring the safety and well-being of occupants.
  4. Positive Environmental Impact: EPS is an environmentally friendly insulation material that supports sustainable construction practices. It is fully recyclable and contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with the EU’s “FIT for 55” initiative aimed at reducing carbon emissions by 55% by 2030.
  5. Independent Verification: The benefits of EPS are supported by independent comparative research and energy efficiency studies. This evidence-based approach ensures that the information provided is reliable and trustworthy.
  6. Debunking Myths: The campaign addresses and corrects common misconceptions about EPS, providing accurate information about its properties and advantages. This effort aims to build trust and credibility among stakeholders.
  7. Practical Tools: The campaign offers practical tools, such as an energy efficiency calculator, to help stakeholders understand the benefits of EPS insulation in real-world applications. These tools empower users to make informed choices based on their specific needs and circumstances.



Shaping the Future of Insulation

The #poznajstyropian campaign represents more than an educational effort; it’s a robust, data-driven initiative that promises to elevate the EPS industry. Addressing a broad audience through diverse channels, it provides comprehensive insights into the advantages of EPS insulation. With resources like the energy efficiency calculator, the campaign is poised to answer pivotal questions and guide the industry towards a sustainable, efficient, and safe future. EUMEPS, as Europe’s unified voice for the EPS industry, invites partnerships to join this transformative journey, shaping a future that is resilient and sustainable.


By leveraging data confirmed by independent research and providing practical tools to demonstrate benefits, the #poznajstyropian campaign aims to create a deeper understanding and trust in EPS insulation. EUMEPS encourages active participation and collaboration from all industry stakeholders to maximise the impact of this initiative across Europe.