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Expanded Polystyrene in Modern Infrastructure: Beyond Insulation and Packaging 

EPS offers more than its superior insulation properties and packaging applications. It further contributes to road construction, the production of concrete and the construction of swimming pools, to cite a few examples. As a multifaceted material, it thus offers innovative solutions to modern engineering challenges all the while remaining sustainable through and through.

Swimming Pools Construction 

EPS is used as an innovative component in swimming pool construction. Manufactured from lightweight but pressure-resistant building blocks, it enables quick and easy construction thanks to its plug-in design. The EPS building blocks also help to improve thermal insulation and therefore energy efficiency and offer a sustainable and cost-efficient solution for swimming pools.


Road Construction and Infrastructure 

In road construction, EPS represents a sustainable solution for soil stabilisation and embankment projects. Its lightweight nature significantly reduces the load on the underlying soil, preventing subsidence and enhancing the longevity of road infrastructure.


A Versatile and Widespread Contribution 

The diverse applications of Expanded Polystyrene in a variety of fields exemplify the material’s versatility and its pivotal role in advancing sustainable solutions across several key industries. By expanding the scope of EPS applications, the industry not only commits to innovation and safety but also contributes to the development of more resilient and energy-efficient infrastructure.