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Isolkappa, a member of EUMEPS, has recently sponsored the Italian event "Operazione Nostalgia." This event aims to highlight the positive values associated with football and sport in general, promoting aggregation, union, and loyalty. The following article, credited to Isolkappa, provides an in-depth look at their participation and the broader implications for community engagement and collaboration. It also demonstrates the commitment of the EPS industry on local communities. Below is Isolkappa’s article.


"Team Play: Isolkappa Joins Forces with Totti and Baggio for Operazione Nostalgia

Isolkappa is partnering with “Operazione Nostalgia”, the renowned event dedicated to the legends of Italian football, embodying the true spirit of sport. Scheduled to take place at the Arechi Stadium in Salerno on 8 June, this grand match will feature some of the most iconic names in Italian football.

Roberto Baggio and Francesco Totti, along with Javier Zanetti, David Trezeguet, Diego Milito, Aldair, Ernesto Chevanton, Gigi Di Biagio, Antonio Di Natale, and Nicola Ventola have all confirmed their participation. Local football heroes Luca Fusco, Antonio Chimenti, David Di Michele, and Arturo Di Napoli will also grace the field.

Operazione nostalgia 2 socmed

The event promises to be a sell-out, brimming with the same emotions that captivated fans in the past and continue to do so today. Isolkappa will proudly take part, bringing their colours and values to the event, and inviting their collaborators and partners to join the cheering crowd.

Isolkappa sees this event not just as a reunion of Italian football champions but as a means to promote teamwork, a vital element for individual and collective growth.

On the pitch, it will be a celebration of sport: a match where the essence of pure, clean competition is accompanied by values of loyalty, sharing, and participation, without the aimless pursuit of rivalry. These are the values Isolkappa embraces and lives by daily through the teamwork of its employees and partners, advocating them through its projects.

At the Arechi, players who once were rivals will now play on the same team. Nostalgia thus gains new energy, becoming a playground for building future relationships and projects.

Kick-off for the tenth edition of Operazione Nostalgia is at 20:00."



Isolkappa's involvement in Operazione Nostalgia underscores their commitment to promoting the principles of teamwork and community spirit, aligning seamlessly with the values upheld by EUMEPS. This collaboration not only honours the legends of Italian football but also emphasises the importance of collective growth and unity. We acknowledge Isolkappa's dedication to these ideals and their significant role in this noteworthy event.

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