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Your Ally in Building an Energy-Efficient Future

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EUMEPS Lights the Path with EPS for a Greener World

EUMEPS is about to launch a new communication programme to promote EPS as the gateway to a brighter, more environmentally friendly future for the world.

Improving our lives in small but significant ways, EPS is a wonderful material present all around us, a gamechanger in sectors such as building, construction and packaging, to name a few.

More than a mere material, EPS is a perfect champion to reach the targets of the Green Deal and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

EPS is the future, and EUMEPS will sing its praise until the world knows.

Check out our latest, exclusive initiatives

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-Teammate campaign website

-Our Voices Video Series

October 2023

Launch of a Website for the #EPSPerfectGreenFit Campaign Promoting the Numerous Benefits of EPS in the Building and Construction Sector.

November 2023

Release of our second digital campaign, “EPS, Teammate for a Greener Future”, supported by video testimonials of EUMEPS members.

Dicember 2023

Publication of "Our Voices" serie of Videos where our EUMEPS colleges, including our Director General, Jürgen Lang share insights on the pivotal role of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) in the European Union's quest for a sustainable future.

January 2024

Unveiling the New EUMEPS Website: Your Gateway to EPS Excellence

February 2024

Unleashing EPS Excellence: Fact Sheets, Infographics, and an Exclusive Video Series of Insightful Dialogues with Leading Figures in the EPS Industry.

March 2024

Coming soon

April 2024

Coming soon

Unlocking a Greener Tomorrow: EUMEPS - Your Key to a Sustainable Europe

Discover EPS: The Green Revolution! Join Jürgen Lang in an insightful video showcasing EPS's pivotal role in a sustainable future. Watch now!

"EPS isn't just another material—it's an immediate solution that aligns with the European Green Deal's objectives. Climate change is our generation's biggest environmental hurdle.

We're all working towards a shared vision of greener, more efficient economies. With our ongoing commitment to eco-responsibility and circularity, energy-efficiency, affordability

EPS: The Instant Gateway to a Greener Europe
Green is the word of the day, gaining traction every year as a goal to achieve. Let EPS be your ally on that journey.
Reliable, resilient and reusable, its 100% recyclable, 98% air composition is guaranteed to pave the way towards a healthier environment, and a stronger European Union!
EPS: Your Ally in Building an Energy-Efficient Future
Lightweight, safe, 100% recyclable, eco-friendly and energy-efficient.
Its usage in insulation and packaging is a mainstay, lending power to the industry.
Elevate your expertise to new heights by harnessing the power of EPS.
Choose EPS: a Healthy, Safe, and Eco-Friendly Choice for All
Around you everywhere you look, EPS is keeping you warm during winter, your kids safe on their bike and getting your fish fresh from the sea to your plate.

It even houses bees and protects them from the element. A real superhero!

Our key messages

As the premier advocate for EPS solutions, we at EUMEPS know its value in building a greener world for our children.

Find below some core messages we will continuously expand upon during this programme. Those are aimed at everyone, from European policymakers to industry experts, without forgetting about our most common denominator, the European citizen.

EPS, an instant gateway to a greener Europe
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EPS, a recyclable hero at your service
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EPS: the efficient heavy lifter of insulation
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EPS: A packaging staple of effectiveness
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EPS, keeping your houses warm, children safe and food fresh
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Our champions

EUMEPS, the unified European voice of the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) industry, is the premier advocate for EPS solutions. Representing every link of the EPS value chain, from large companies to SMEs, we are committed to fulfilling European environmental objectives. Through our 23 national associations and numerous recycling initiatives, we strive to elevate the circularity of our industry.

As a contributor to making Europe climate-neutral and resource-efficient, we showcase EPS as the smart choice in packaging and insulation. Stand by us in building a more resilient and sustainable tomorrow.

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