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EPS, Promoter of a Healthier, Safer and Greener Work Environment


Construction work is as physically demanding as it is important. Between the need for protective gear, health hazards and simple heavy lifting, there are a lot of factors that require precise attention to detail on the worksite.

Made of 98% air, EPS weight is minimal, making it easy to manipulate and compact into virtually any shape. All that remains then is to effortlessly mill, saw, or cut it to size using a hot wire. No protective clothing or mask is required. Because of its low weight, it is also easy to transport. EPS insulation materials have been used for more than 60 years with no negative consequences for people, animals, or the environment.

In recent years, grey insulation boards made of EPS containing graphite have become increasingly popular. The graphite is encased in polystyrene and acts like a mirror, reducing thermal radiation through the foam. Compared with white EPS, this allows an insulation thickness that can get up to 20% thinner and result in resource savings of up to 50%, with no loss in performance. Grey EPS is also extremely easy to handle on construction sites.