EPS: the efficient heavy lifter of insulation

Tackle European energy efficiency targets, by harnessing the power of EPS insulation. Sustainable construction is within reach, and it’s an easy investment, good on the pocket and the environment both.

But how?

Capable of significantly reducing the energy consumption of well-insulated homes,  EPS is not only good for residents. Its durability ensures a minimal need for repairs.

Finally, the environment wins too, as the impact of EPS is minimal thanks to its incredible 98% air composition. We can make a real difference choosing EPS, as an industry.

Don’t limit yourself to using it in walls and façades. Its moisture-resistant and lightweight properties make it a fantastic choice for flat roof insulation.

Renovations are a great place to incorporate EPS too. As Europe is riddled with old homes, a significant number of buildings do not meet even the most basic of energy efficiency requirements.

EPS provides a real and cost-friendly solution to push the housing sector into a new age of energy performance.

Let’s meet our climate protection goals together by harnessing the power of EPS.