EPS, keeping your houses warm, children safe and food fresh

In the last couple years, the price of energy has skyrocketed. Life, too, has become more expensive. Times have become hard.


Yet there are ways to push back, and move in the right direction. EPS is one such solution.

It can help bring your energy bills down through its incredible insulation properties, keep you and your children safe through its use in protective gear and deliver food fresh from all around the world to your plate. It even keeps our planet’s biodiversity thriving by providing bees with beehives that replicate perfect living conditions, ensuring we may continue to enjoy honey on our toast or in our tea.

Let’s harness a greener future for ourselves by allowing EPS to help:

• In your homes: recyclable and durable, EPS can help insulate your home, ensuring your winters are warm and summers are cool, all at a cost-friendly investment. Better yet, once your walls are insulated, there is no need for later replacements, as EPS remains efficient and rot-free for more than 70 years. Older houses that are not sufficiently insulated can receive a second EPS insulation layer, which saves resources and money.

• In your mailbox: EPS remains the top performer in transportation, guaranteeing your orders like a new washing machine reach you damage-free. Not only that, but EPS used in transportation is, as all EPS, 100% recyclable. Thus, its use ensures your purchases help the environment by reducing CO2 emissions, and improve the economy by promoting circularity.

• On the road: EPS is a largely used component in car manufacture and protective gear. Your children are safe wearing the cycling helmet, your car performs better by being lighter and more fuel efficient.

Everybody wins, with EPS.