EPS, an instant gateway to a greener Europe

Made up of a staggering 98% air and only 2% polystyrene, EPS is a blessing for energy efficiency and a significant contributor to reducing CO2 emissions.


One of its primary uses in insulation means houses can become greener, their energy usage significantly reduced.

EPS offers a twofold advantage: it not only reduces the need for extensive heating during the colder months but also minimises cooling requirements in heatwaves. This not only leads to significant CO2 emissions savings but also aligns perfectly with socially responsible efforts, fostering the renovation wave across Europe.

Over its durable lifespan, EPS demonstrates its longevity, as it requires virtually no replacement. Once EPS is in place, it remains a steadfast choice for the long term.

EPS also plays a secondary role in the protection of sensitive goods, particularly in packaging applications, where its lightweight nature ensures its effectiveness. Numerous studies have demonstrated that, once again, EPS surpasses other packaging solutions in terms of effectiveness. This ensures the timely and eco-friendly delivery of essential goods to Europe with minimised CO2 emissions.

All of these factors converge to a compelling conclusion: EPS significantly reduces its environmental footprint, avoids food waste and reduces CO2 emissions, in line with European environmental priorities.

Say yes to EPS as a leading material in pursuing a greener Europe, starting today.