EPS, a recyclable hero at your service

As a 100% recyclable material, EPS is the main choice to spearhead efforts towards reaching an ever more circular economy.


One might assume 100% is an overstatement. Different recycling technologies makes it a reality, however. EPS can be converted into the equivalent of virgin material, fresh and ready to be reused.

As a true equivalent, it is a vital alternative to plastic, allowing us to transition from partial recyclability to something truly circular.

The lifecycle of EPS frequently begins as packaging. In a global world where you may enjoy summer fruit on a cold winter day and rest easy knowing your tech purchases will reach you in one piece, EPS gets the job done, and does it well.

But that’s only step one. Through modern innovation in the EPS recycling sector, it can accomplish so much more.

Whether EPS gets recycled into insulation or packaging material, transformed for the same purpose and has another go, or is compressed after seeing its service through, it is likely to see a second or third life.

Don’t overlook the power of EPS in getting a head start towards circular economy.